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We craft websites that convert strangers into your next clients, effortlessly.

Is your website holding your business back from reaching its full potential? Don’t let your website’s lack of strategy be the reason you aren’t hitting those big business goals you’ve set for yourself, mama. It CAN be done - with the right strategy and a bit of intention, your website can be a high-converting piece of your marketing system that drives your social media management business forward like nothing else.

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  • You’re a social media manager that is currently relying on your own social media platforms as the central hub for your business, but you know you need something more official and reliable if you want to attract higher paying clients
  • You know your website doesn’t quite hit right with you - whether you DIYed the design, you threw it together with ZERO strategy in mind or it just doesn’t feel like you anymore - so you’re not sending people to it out of embarrassment with how it looks and feels to you
  • You’re wanting to scale your business and KNOW your website is a key part of that, but you’re confused, overwhelmed and not quite sure what to do to make your website work harder for you

Be real, does this sound familiar?

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Listen, I know what it's like to be growing your social media management business. When I was a SMM, I had clients paying me $2000/month for my services, and I want to help you start attracting those $2k+/month clients instead of $500/month clients in your business. I can help you save time while boosting your income by harnessing the power of a high-converting website that SLAYS. Let's make it happen together.

As a social media manager, I think one of the best things you can do is make sure you have a strategic website that lays out your services, showcases your work and is set up to attract and engage only the BEST clients.

With over a decade of design experience, I've helped numerous busy female business owners just like you overcome these challenges. I know what it takes to transform an underperforming website into a powerful tool that drives growth and success. And I can do the same for you.

I'm Alexa, former social media manager & your new web design bestie.

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Discover just how dope it’ll be when we work together to create your bangin’ new website

1) A customer Journey Like No Other

Create a website strategy tailored to your customer's journey from stranger to total stan, so they can connect with you, fall in love with what you can do for them and drive more conversions effortlessly

2) Update with Ease

Not the most tech savvy when it comes to website platforms? No prob. Gain confidence in managing your website with access to training videos for how to make updates, allowing you to confidently manage your online presence long after our project is over, saving you valuable time and effort

3) Nail Your Unique Brand Identity

Define and showcase your authentic brand identity with our tailored brand strategy process, empowering you to stand out among a sea of other service providers so you can forge genuine connections with your most aligned audience

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*Alexa, play Montell Jordan "This Is How We Do It"*

Step 1: Fill out an application

Step 2: Craft your strategic website

Step 3: Let your website work for you

Start by filling out a simple application so I can get to know you better. This helps me understand your struggles, why you're ready for a new website, and how I can make it happen for you.

Together, we'll dive into developing your website, adding in your unique story and strategic design. We'll chat through my website strategy questionnaire and brainstorm during our branding and design strategy sessions, creating a custom website that's not only eye-catching but also converts visitors into loyal fans of your brand.

Once your new website is live, get ready to see how powerful this asset is to your marketing. You'll attract more of your ideal clients and free up time as your website works its magic 24/7. Better conversion, more automation and streamlined ways for people to work with you - in the words of Scheana Shay, it’s all happening, baby.

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Not sure if an upleveled website is the right next step for your business?

Can you answer yes to any of these statements? If so, then I KNOW a high converting and branded website will help you in your business:

  • You’re a social media manager that has already started their business and worked with clients, but you’re ready to scale to $15k, $20k/months and beyondwithout putting in a ton of extra hours every week

  • Your current website basically just lists your services, has an About page saying you love iced coffee & long walks on the beach, but you didn't put much strategy behind it when you DIYed it yourself

  • You’ve invested in brand photos and you’re ready to showcase your unique brand identity on your website in a way that feels so aligned to who you are

  • You don’t have the time to keep messing with your website and are ready to get this off your plate so that’s not sitting pretty at the top of your to-do list any longer

  • You’ve DIYed your websites up until now and you’re ready to take it to another level of credibility with the help of a professional designer by your side

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